Now and then, it becomes time to do battle with the ants. It may seem astounding that humans are sometimes so ineffective at dealing with these tiny creatures, but when the ants come marching inside, everyone feels disgusted and wonders how this happened. Homeowners and business owners should take heart in knowing that academic researchers have dedicated time and money to this subject. Those researchers have verified the difficulty of keeping ants out, even in buildings where insect control is ongoing. Property owners who need better Ant Control solutions may want to call a service such as Ortex for assistance.


People who prefer not to use pesticides that are toxic to humans and animals find insect control to be an even bigger problem than those who are willing to spray insecticide around exterior doorways and window frames. Once the ants are inside, they often can be eliminated by setting out a commercially available product containing a sweet solution and borax. However, even borax, a relatively common household product, is toxic if ingested by children, dogs and cats. It must be kept away from them.

One of the professional pest control solutions for ants might be to set up bait traps outside that trap the insects but that kids and animals can’t get into. There also are pesticides that aren’t very toxic to humans and animals. Borate salt in powder or liquid form is a primary example. This substance is related to borax but is much safer, although it can still cause skin and eye irritation.

Of course, it’s important to eliminate ant attractants in the building, although that can be very difficult in commercial buildings. In a house, the residents can make sure no leftovers sit out on the counter and that dishes are washed promptly or put in the dishwasher. They should rinse recyclable food and beverage containers, even if the recycling company does not require this. Ants will seek out and discover food and beverage remnants. If the recyclables are in the garage, the ants will come in the garage and from there, are likely to head to the house. It’s best to put forth a little extra effort and avoid giving these insects what they want.

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